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İndependent İn Ankara Escort Zara
Ankara Escort


*How far ahead should I book an appointment?
The need to give prior notice before a day or 4-5 hours. because I have prepared for you. The appointment is special to me ..

*How can I contact me to book an appointment?

I'll give you my phone number. but I can not stand the constant phone.
So you can reach me by e-mail or messaging.

*Do you accept requests or provide extra services?
I would like to provide the best GFE for you. If you have a special request for lingerie or clothing please ask. 

*Can you provide me with a list of your services?
I provide an real Girlfriend experience.
You on a passionate date with the girl of your dreams and that the evening would definitely involve physical intimacy.  
"So what services do provide?” 

I really don’t like to kiss and tell. 
'I will simply say that you will never forget your time with me.'

*Are your photos real ?
You can see from my gallery and site that it’s all me.
The only thing I can say is that men and women say that I am much more beautiful in person. 
I have even been told that I am living art and a picture of perfection. 
My response is that I really do take care of myself. 
Please do not ask for photos.
I won’t provide either.
I have all my photos watermarked with my name as a security measure. There is only one 'Nefes or Zara' and that would be me!

*What can I expect from a date with you?
A warm hug and a kiss when we first meet. 
The feeling like we have been dating for a while but with a sense of newness and intense anticipation. 
Simply, a great sense of connection. 
Wonderful conversation sometimes laced with naughty metaphors. 
A feeling of honest intimacy. 
Being fourteen all over again and being completely captivated by the woman in front of you. 
You might have a dry throat, sweaty palms and a pleasurable throbbing sensation somewhere below. 
Most of all you will feel a hunger inside you that will need to be satisfied.
As for me I will be in something stunning, sexy mouth watering. 
I wear very little make up on dates but I will have a perfect peaches and chocolate complexion with beauty marks and perfect glossed lips. 
Very wet and very moist you may catch a whiff of my signature perfume. I hope I paint a vivid picture.


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